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Children Patients

Kidney stones in children is very common (17% of the stone patients are children) in our country. Because of metabolic problems , anatomical problems of the urinary tract and kidn eys the repeating probability of the stones increase. For this reason, every child who was diagnosed with kidney or urinary tract stones should be evaluated metabolically. This evaluation should be made by a collaboration of childhood stone disease children doctor, children nephrologist and children urologist for correct treatment and prognosis.

In our center we use a small focus Wolf – Piezolith 3000 stone breaking instrument for treating infant and children patients safely. Since the shock waves can be focused on a small field (3-6 mm) (small focus instrument), the surrounding tissues around the stone are not affected. Also, as the treatment is made together with ultrasonography, infant and children patients does not receive radiation. In children under 4 years old anesthesia (premedication) is preferred.

Children Patient

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