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Cost of Kidney Stone Treatment

bobrek agrisiThe price of health services are determined by the Istanbul Medical Chamber price list. These prices are based on a minimum wage rate. Medical centers decide on their prices based on their pricing policy.  (The centers that are contracted with SGK- Social Security Foundation have to follow pricing standards which are different from Istanbul Medical Chamber price list.)

Charges are based on the location of the stone, number of stones and size of the stones. The price for the treatment of the stones that are smaller than 1 cm2 is the same. If the total size of the stone or stones is bigger than 1 cm2 then the price goes up.

Each one of the kidneys is priced individually, so the cost of treatment can go up. The changes in prices depend on the following criteria; general operating costs of the medical center, the features of the devices (device wear and tear and cost of sessions) the principals of the personnel (knowledge and experience of the personnel, treatment standards, treatment success rate).

In addition, the visibility of the stone in X-ray, patients’ weight, the location of the stone and the time and effort allocated are also factors in determining the cost.

In short, since it’s not a standard procedure, the prices will change depending on the patient and the medical center. Patients are advised to take these factors into consideration before starting treatment.